Metchem Bin rental

Metchem has expanded its service by investing in catalyst-bins as a service to our clients. Our new bins are the well-known industry-standard. They are included in our all-in solution for catalyst-recycling.

With our all-in solution, Metchem is your single contact for the full recycling-proces; Bins, Paperwork and Licenses, Transport, Analysis and Recycling.

Get in touch with your contact at Metchem for more information about the all-in solution with these bins.


Tungsto-silic-acid catalysts

Normally the recycling of a spent NiW-catalyst is usual business for Metchem. But when our customer, a top-5 EU chemical producer, offered their Tungsto-silic-acid catalysts - which is very complex to recycle - they had been trying to find a suitable recycler for over 3 years.

Metchem did not have a standard solution available, but we were able to investigate (pre-) treatments with multiple partners in our worldwide network. We invested the time to review and evaluate multiple options.

Eventually we selected the most efficient pre-treatment for this material, after which recycling in a normal facility became possible. In addition, we organized logistics and administrative procedures in compliance with Basel-convention and local regulations.

The customer found the best solution and freed the storage with no effort for their personnel.


Recycling of hazardous BF3-gas

When our client - a major Mondial gas-producer -moved their facility to the Far-East, a batch of 2600 kg residual BF3 gas had to be left on the site.

BF3 (Boron Trifluoride) gas is extremely hazardous and highly reactive with water, and due to this the site had to be guarded 24/7, even though there was no more production. They unsuccessfully searched the whole country to find a company that was able to process the material.

Metchem was able to select a renowned and specialized facility that processed the material in compliance with environmental regulations. We also organized the notification with our all-in solution (logistics, administration) and finalize the process with minimal effort for the client.

Our solution saved the customer significant time and costs for processing the material as well as for securing the location.


Oil related (by)products

Metchem now also purchases hydrocarbon containing (by)products or you may also describe this as oil related (by)products from (petro)chemical plants. Our turnover in this activity increased last your with 100%! Some examples of materials we already buy are: -Polyolefin or olefin (related) streams -Naphtha or naphtha related (by)products -Iso-octane -Side products from the production of synthetic oils -Crack oils -Heavy ends. When you have these materials available (with product or waste status) please contact us. We are pleased to make you a competitive offer! Metchem remains of course also your reliable partner for: -Spent catalyst recycling (We purchase now globally from all continents) -Chemical residue recycling -Supply of fresh catalyst for ammonia plants.