Our staff specializes in providing useful applications for your spent catalyst, industrial waste, by-products and residues.

Given our large and growing international network, we offer an environmentally friendly and financially attractive solution for the recycling or disposal of materials like: 

  • Spent catalyst
  • Oil by-products
  • Industrial waste (sludges, ashes, filter cakes, pharmaceutical waste, slags, etc.)


Since 2005 METCHEM is specialized in the recycling of any type of spent, regenerated or unused catalysts. We offer commercially attractive and environmental approved recycling or re-use options for all your catalysts. Depending on specific metal compounds and impurities the most competitive terms will apply. In case no valuable metals are present, we offer competitive treatment charges.

Our proposal is most competitive for catalyst containing;

  • Precious metals (Pd, Pt, Rh, Au, Ag, Ru, etc.)
  • Molybdenum (NiMo, CoMo, etc.)
  • Nickel (including Nickel Raney)
  • Tungsten
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Cobalt
  • Vanadium

We handle any type of spent catalyst, so please get in contact to discuss our possibilities.

Your material will be recycled in fully licensed Western recycling units.


METCHEM is active in the recycling of oil-like streams. For different substances (mostly by-products, but also for waste) we offer interesting alternatives.

We assist with:

  • Polyolefin or olefin (related) streams
  • Naphtha or naphtha related (by)products
  • Iso-octane
  • Side products from the production of synthetic oils
  • Crack oils
  • Heavy ends
  • All other hydrocarbons

We offer competitive compensation for these hydrocarbons.

Please contact us to find out more about our possibilities for your oil streams.


Processing of industrial waste is often a very expensive and highly specialized matter. Our ability to find alternative uses, sometimes within unrelated industries, often saves considerable expenses and is a much better environmental option.

Unwanted by-products are generated in almost every production process. Often these can be used in other processes. Our team tracks down these processes in METCHEM's large international operations.

Some recent solutions:

  • Treatment of gaseous waste
  • PGM reclamation from pharmaceutical waste
  • Milling-dust (wood) re-use
  • Filtercakes recycling
  • Treatment of sludges
  • Residues recycling
  • Re-use of ashes
  • Metal recovery from slags
  • etc.

Do you have materials for us to recycle? Let’s talk!

It doesn’t matter which material you have available. From spent catalyst containing either base metals or precious metals to difficult waste streams like liquids materials, (non)hazardous sludges and oil by-products. Please reach out to us and we will assess our possibilities for you.