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We provide recycling for (metal containing) chemical / industrial wastes and for many different by-products.
METCHEM arranges all the necessary environmental paperwork and handles all formalities for worldwide shipment of spent catalysts or chemical waste materials.

For more than 20 years METCHEM is the international specialist for the recycling of all types of spent catalysts from chemical and petrochemical plants.
We purchase worldwide various types of (precious) metal containing spent catalysts in solid or liquid form. These used catalysts contains metals like for instance palladium, platinum, silver, nickel, molybdenum, copper, cobalt, tungsten, zinc, etc.

Besides spent catalyst recycling METCHEM also has a trading department handling large volumes of oil related by-products.

Our headquarter is located in Hof van Twente, the Netherlands. Due to our more than 20 years’ experience, METCHEM can adapt its services to each unique customers wish.
Our strength is to offer a total solution adapted to your requirements. We propose an all-in solution with door to door shipment included.
This all-in solution minimises your efforts and risks, at the same time maximising the recovery efficiency with respect to all environmental regulations. Our expertise allows us to offer the best technological and financially attractive solution.

METCHEM's multidisciplinary and multilingual team will do all the work for you and offer our unique all-in solution.
We are familiar with complex regulations and notifications for transboundary shipments (according EG:1013/2006) and worldwide export licenses.

Your material is in the best hands with us.



Main Office
Hof van Twente, Nederland

Kerkstraat 21

7471 AE Hof van Twente

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)547 27 27 76

Metchem GmbH
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Metchem BV
Goor, Nederland

Breukersweg 14

7471 ST Goor

The Netherlands

Metalchemic Recycling International BV
Europark Coevorden

The Netherlands

Do you have materials for us to recycle? Let’s talk!

It doesn’t matter which material you have available. From spent catalyst containing either base metals or precious metals to difficult waste streams like liquids materials, (non)hazardous sludges and oil by-products. Please reach out to us and we will assess our possibilities for you.